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12 investment decision-making criteria of a corporate CEO
21 November 2015

Over the past years, I facilitated and participated in many innovation bootcamps for corporates. After months of hard work, the end is…

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This new opportunity in tech: Product Transformers
11 November 2015

Recently I’ve noticed an interesting new “group” of innovations in the tech world: Product Transformers. Instead of trying to get an exciting totally…

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18 Things I did during my 6 months “Innovation Holiday”
4 November 2015

I recently decided to take an “Innovation Holiday”. 6 months to rethink my professional path, experiment with new (and old) ideas,…

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What’s a Wizard of Oz Experiment
16 October 2015

Sometimes Business Designers are referring to a “Wizard of Oz Experiment” for testing new services or business ideas. What the f*ck is…

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How I validated our business idea with only one tool: Whatsapp.
11 October 2015

In my latest project, Sir – your wingman for thoughtful gifts, I used Whatsapp to validate our business idea with the B2C-part. Although we’re planning to…

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Why I chose to take 6 months “Innovation Holiday”
8 October 2015

21 October 2014, 23h45 – Barcelona (Spain) – almost 1 year ago As I checked into my 4-star hotel, I stumbled upon the client: training manager of…

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