Why my clients love working with me...

I’m a designer that speaks business

I’m awesome at:
Design Thinking

With my background in industrial design, and the ability to think business, I help companies to come up with new user-driven business opportunities,  in – or adjacent to their current market. In need for a creative reinforcement? Together we’ll explore your company’s future!

Business Model Design

All magic comes with a price!
Over the past years I’ve helped several new ventures to explore their monetization options. Business model exploration, pricing plans, … together we learn from other businesses and pick the right model for your innovation.

User Validation

Having an awesome idea is one thing, validating your idea with your customers is where I come in. I help startups and businesses to interact with their customers in a very early stage. If you need help in preparing the right questions and use the proper tools, I’m your man!

  • Working together with Manu gave me the opportunity to harvest business-insights from over 20 different organizations from different markets. He’s great at both visualizing business model opportunities and as a professional sparring partner to come up with new ideas that can improve those models.
    J. Leyssens – Plan C

Let’s find & fine-tune your next business idea!

I can help you with:
Innovation Workshops

“Let’s do a brainstorm session!”
Just sitting together and staring at post-its isn’t the way to go. Preparation is often half the work. Over the past years I’ve contributed to many innovation sessions, with several exciting new business opportunities as a result.

Business Prototyping

“Fake it, before you make it.”
I’m an expert in business prototyping. Setting up landing pages, convincing the first customers, defining your real business value, price testing, … Together we discover the true value of your concept and your go-to-market strategy.

Investment Pitches

Selling your idea to management or potential investors is not easy. You often have only one shot, and telling the right story is what matters! I help new ventures in making the right investment pitch, and provide them with the proper building blocks & tools to make it happen!